Man Rowing a Boat
Build this project and simulate the rowing of a boat!
Summer Pack
Take all WeDo 2.0 summer projects by LegoSmarties with a 20% discount!
Water Ski
Our love for water sports inspire us to design this new prototype summer project!
WeDo Boats in the Sea
The specific model can combined with one or more same models....
WeDo Dancing Dolphins
Two lovely dolphins dancing in the water
Basketball Game
We love this game! Build a model to score baskets or combine two models to play basketball!
Football Game
Shoot penalties to the keeper or combine two models and play football!

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About LegoSmarties

LegoSmarties is a team of experienced teachers in Robotics Education.
Using the Official LEGO Education Wedo 2.0 core set, we design prototype WeDo 2.0 projects.
We have also implemented and tested, a large number of WeDo 2.0 projects found in the NET. In many cases, we made the appropriate corrections to make the projects been more stable and also been buildable using one (1) Official LEGO Education Wedo 2.0 core set. 
Step by Step instructions and Program Code (WeDo and Scratch in some cases) have designed, producing a single PDF file that contains all information needed to implement and program each project.
We decide to share our experience and our WeDo 2.0 projects to help new teachers have a variety of lessons to teach in their classrooms.

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